History1903 - Elia Corsini, a member of an Italian Family established in Turkey since early 1800's, starts a printing business in a small rented shop in Izmir.

1922 - Great fires that lasted three days, destroys half of Izmir including Corsini's printing house.

1924 - Elia Corsini transfers his Printing job to his two sons, Piero and Giovanni and renames the Company Fratelli Corsini (Corsini Brothers). With the new management, the company grows to 28 employes. He then reenters his old sector : Stationary.

1940 - Piero Corsini takes control of the Printing Business, renaming the Company Corsini Printing House, makes it one of the first 100 Companies registered in Izmir Chamber of Industry.

1954 - Korsini Printing House continues to make investments and to grow.

1962 - Piero Corsini's two sons, Piero Jr. And Renato start working with their father while continuing their education.

1965 - After Piero Corsini Sr.'s death, his wife Elena and his two sons take control of the Company.

1978 - Piero Corsini Jr. takes over the business and continues to expand it.

1980 - The Company buys Bastas Inc. and the name changes to Korsini Packaging Industries and Trade Inc.

1986 - Rapak Inc. is established in Manisa with the partnership of Raks Group and  continues until 1991.

1991 - Korsini moves back to Alsancak premises and continues to grow in terms of size and capacity under the direction of Piero Corsini.

2001 - Company forms a new partnership with Etap Holding under the name of Koreta Printing and Packaging Industries Inc.

2004 - The business expands, and the Company moves to Ataturk Industrial Estate establishing the partership with Korozo Group with Piero Corsini as the President and his nephew Enrico Corsini as the Managing Director.

2009 - ISO 9001:2000 is received.

2010 - Opening the Hong Kong Sales Office for the Asia Pacific Area.

2011 - Opening the Annapolis Sales Office for the America and Canada area. Again in 2011, BRC Certificate is received.

2012 - Representation and Sub-Contracting Agreement with Italian 4 Label Company for durable IML Labels. Also, investments of the 2nd Factory starts in the Aegean Free Zone. Implementation of SAP takes place in the same year.

2013 - ISO 9001:2008 is received.

2014 - After Piero Corsini's passing, Enrico Corsini becomes the President. The Factory in the Free Zone continues to grow with expansions.

2015 - The growth continues with new investments and expension of the ESBAS Factory. Same year, a new partnership is signed with CCL Industries in order to start IML Production in the USA.

2016 - The growth continues with the addition of new printing lines, cutting lines, automation systems and the expansion of the building in our ESBAS factory.